What is The Subaru Levorg

In 2014 Subaru released the Levorg where its named is derived LEgacy, reVOlution, touRinG. Most people refer to the Levorg as the WRX wagon as it resembles the VA chassis WRX with a Legacy wagon rear end. The levorg was produced with a FA20dit or a turbo charged 1.6L Flat 4 known as the FB16DIT. Unfortunately power in the 1.6L was lack luster only making 170whp where as the FA20 makes 268whp. Sadly the US Domestic Market did not receive the levorg due to Subaru deciding the car would not sell because of the levorg has longer body than the base impreza giving it the station wagon label. Subaru had concluded American’s are more likely to buy an SUV from past years WRX hatch and Crosstrek sales.