Yamaha R3 V.S Ninja 300

Both the R3 and Ninja 300 are great beginner bike but the R3 has those subtle details that make it the superior bike. For starters the Ninja has 296cc engine making 39hp and 20 ft-lbs of torque where as the R3 has 320cc engine making 42hp and 22 ft-lbs of torque. There may not be a huge power gap but every bit power counts, it could be dangerous to ride an under powered bike being unable to move quickly out of harms way. For beginners shifting could be difficult but the R3 helps with its gear indicator allowing the rider to know exactly what gear they are in where the ninja 300 only has a neutral indicator. Both bike have a neutral seating position but the r3 has a lower seat hight letting shorter riders to be more comfortable as they can keep both feet flat on the ground when stopped. As for looks and build quality the Ninja 300 definitely looks the best as well the plastics and body work is more robust and sturdy unlike the r3 where the body panel fitment is subpar with loose tolerances leaving the body work to feel unconstrained. Other than cosmetically the R3 is the better bike, but there is no wrong answer to low displacement starter bikes. Get what ever you like and find comfortable to ride.