Top 5 Unique JDM Cars

It can be hard to stand out in the crowd of the car community but here are the top 5 unique JDM cars that will make people look twice and wonder what car you have.

1. The Mazda Autozam AZ-1

The Autozam had a short lifetime only being sold between 1992 – 1994 and was only released in japan. The Msrp was 1,400 million yen which is equivalent to 12k USD back in the 90s. In 2022 you can find an imported AZ-1 for around 15k. This car is know for its gull wing doors and small size known as a kei car. along with its unique look it has 700cc turbocharged 3 cylinder motor making 60hp. This car may not be fast but it sure is fun with a 5 speed manual and light weight chassis. Along with its appearance, mid engine, and turbo noises it will easily become a show stopper.

2. Toyota Celica GT Four

The Celica GT Four is considerably rare because it was never released for US markets but since they are 25 years old they can be imported and cost around 20k. There were only 2500 GT four’s made because they were built as a race homologation car allowing Toyota to compete in WRC. The GT four was an AWD street legal race car that was powered by 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder called the 3S-GTE and it makes 255hp. The 3S-GTE was also found in the Toyota MR2.

3. Honda S2000

The s2000 is Honda’s Iconic RWD sports let alone their only RWD sports car. This car was released in the united states and cost around 18k used. The s2000 is powered by the F20C 2.0L inline 4 making 237hp. Stock this car may not stand out but with some cosmetic modifications it will look like a Dimond in the rough. As well as looking good this car can make some serious power if modified an tuned properly it can make up to 600whp on a stock block. one way to make an S2000 stand out from the rest is to put a Spoon style hardtop turning it into a hatch.

4. Mitsubishi GT3000 VR4

The GT3000 VR4 are very rare only 250 examples produced for the American market identifiable by its massive rear wing from the factory. although the VR4 is very rare you can easily find the regular GT3000 where it was configured with a transvers mounted 3.0 v6 for FWD applications where as the VR4 was all wheel drive. The GT3000 was Mitsubishis response to the mk 4 supra while it looks similar it definitely has its own personality. you can easily find regualr GT3000 between 5k-10k. The GT 3000 make around 300 hp but since its a fwd v6 the engine bay is extremely crammed and makes it hard and or frustrating to work on.

5. Toyota Cressida

The Cressida looks like a grandma car better said a sleeper because this RWD beast can lay down some power. from factory the Cressida is equipped with 3.0L inline 6 making 190hp but can handle up to 500whp. Don’t sleep on this car until you see this thing flying sideways going 80mph around a turn, this car is the definition drift missile. you can usually find these cars for under 5k making them expendable when people inevitably bash them into walls.