Is the Kawasaki ZX6R Good?

Yes the Kawasaki ZX6R is an amazing bike for what it was designed for. It was designed to go fast and handle extremely well with its 636cc inline 4 that makes 114whp on the dyno, along with the good amount of power it has inverted showa forks and duel break rotors and calipers. The ZX6R is a great bike but it has cons like the bike Hight if you are any shorter than 6ft you wont be able to keep both feet flat on the ground. As well 2019 bikes or older do not have a fuel gauge but has a light that flashes when you have 1 gallon of gas left in the tank which gives you about 30 miles of range. Most owners find they get around 130-140 miles per tank. Last but not least due to the track oriented seating position on the ZX6R is not the best for long distanced riding after an hour owners find they start getting tired and sore. None the less the Kawasaki’s ZX6R is definitely a great bike if your looking to go to the track or just go out with friends and have fun around town!