The R34 GTR V.S The Mk4 Supra

The long debated rival between the Nissan R34 GTR and the Mk 4 Toyota Supra where enthusiast between the two are very polarized. The R34 was produced from 1998 to 2002 and was released with an 2.6L twin turbo inline 6 making 228whp. The mk4 supra was made between 1993 and 2002 produced with a 3.0L twin turbo inline 6 making 298whp. At face value it seems like the Toyota supra is better just based on hp, but in the 90s all the Japanese car manufacturers created a gentlemen agreement to produce cars under 300hp. Both cars can easily make 1000whp with right amount of money and modifications but what it really comes down to is reliability and serviceability. When talking about the Supra the suspension, drive, and power train are legendary for there reliability where most Supra’s make it to 250k miles before any major repairs as well it shares the same motor and parts with a plethora of other Toyota and Lexus cars leaving it to be serviced pretty much any where with parts available. With the R34 its a different story for those of you in the United Sates did not receive the GTR and not receiving a singal car with the same motor so parts are scarce. While parts are scarce for the GTR it is also less reliable than the supra where most cars last 150k miles with multiple mechanical problems deriving from oil starvation due the narrow oil pick up. Overall The better car between the two is the Mk4 Supra, but if you don’t mind spending the money to import a R34 and keeping up on maintenance the R34 is a great car. Either way there is not a right or wrong answer both cars are legendary and are amazing cars.