Why Is Toyota’s 2JZ GTE So Popular?

In 1991 Toyota released a Brand new car called the Aristo that came with a brand new 3.0L inline 6 called the 2JZ-GTE. Little did people know at the time this would become one of the greatest motors to ever be produced. Later in 1993 Toyota released the MK4 supra with the 2JZ-GTE with twin turbos and manual transmission but was later discontinued in 2002. Over the years Japanese tuners have push every inch of this motor to its limits, the most powerful 2jz build to this day made 2600hp running at 95psi that can go 226mph in 6 seconds on a drag strip. what really makes this motor so legendary is how easy it is to make big power, without modifying the internals of the motor a stock block can make upwards of 800hp. This leaves the 2JZ-GTE to be the most desirable Japanese Motor.