Should you Turbocharge Your Car?

If you want to turbocharge your car you have to look at the application. Do you want your car to be reliable? Do you want to make as much power as you can? For reliability no unless you have a second car to rely on and or pay a shop to specifically build your motor to reliably handle a turbo on a daily basis. In order to turbo your car you mainly need supporting modifications like forged internals an ECU Tune specific to your set up. It will also help to lower the compression ratio to run more power reliably on pump gas. Now that your gonna be making all this power you’ll need to upgrade you fuel systems with high flow fuel injectors and fuel pump to keep up with the engine to prevent pre detonation that will destroy your motor. If you want to make even more power you can add a flex fuel system that allows you to run e85 which burns cooler and will keep the motor happier.