Why is the Ninja 400 the perfect motorcycle

The Ninja 400 was released in 2017 to the US market with a 399cc parallel twin and a 6 speed manual transmission. The Ninja 400 is a great starter bike for beginners, allowing riders to learn throttle control without too much power to throwing them off the bike. Due to the Ninja’s lower displacement most experienced ride over look the capabilities of this bike. The truth behind the Ninja is it can keep up or even outride larger cc motorcycles because of the power to weight ratio of 283 hp/ton, where as the Ninja H2r has a ratio of 166 hp/ton. the only downfall of the Ninja 400 is not having inverted forks and duel break calipers giving larger motorcycles a bigger advantage with unsprung weight and stopping power, but most riders do not have the skill to take full advantage of the those gains.