Why Do People Reverse Mount the Intake Manifold on a Subaru EJ25

All of Subaru’s EJ/FA series motors you can flip the intake manifold 180 degrees and bolt it onto the motor with out any modification to the long block. Why do People do this? For starters this faces the throttle body towards the front of the car making it easier to run a front mount intercooler. One complication with reverse mounted the intake manifold is to clear the front alternator from the throttle body. Most people will use an alternator relocation kit that will move the alternator over to where the A/C compressor, this will also require an A/C delete. An alternative solution is to add 8MM phenolic spacers to the intake manifold allowing you to clear the throttle body over the alternator as well decreasing heat soak into the manifold from the motor. Another reason people flip the intake manifold is to make room for a rotated turbo.