What Is The Best Aftermarket Intake Manifold For The Ej257

Subaru’s EJ motors have a very unique Motor with a horizontally opposed pistons know as a Flat 4 boxer motor. The Engine set up creates a very unique looking intake manifold often times the center piece of the engine bay. most people desire the ej257 intake manifold that come from factory with a wrinkle red paint job, But if you want performance the plastic intake manifold From the Forester XT and Legacy GT have the best Thermal dynamics to prevent heat soak. There are two options for aftermarket Intake manifolds. The Process west manifold cost $1900 And has larger Plenums to allow more power at a higher rev range ideal for big and linear power range. The second option is The AMS intake manifold coming at $1300 with large plenums at 4.5 liters, replaces the tgv housings with a long intake runner system, and has the ability to accept a 70mm throttle body with some porting maximizing power gains across the board. The best intake manifold built by AMS between price, power, and efficiency gains you cannot go wrong with AMS.