Is Turbo Flutter Bad?

Turbo flutter or compressor surge is caused when the throttle body snaps closed causing boosted air to become trapped in the piping between the turbo outlet and throttle body with no where to relieve boost pressure. this causes the pressurized air to escape back through the turbo out the intake. Most cars come equipped with […]


Nissan Skyline v35

You may know of the legendary Nissan skyline GTR, but do you know about the skyline v35? 2002 was the last year of the r34 skyline with an acclaimed Inline 6 twin turbo called the RB26DETT, and produced 276bhp from factory and with some modifications it can easily make upwards of 500bhp. in late 2002 […]


Best Turbo for EJ20 Engines

Subaru’s EJ20 engines are great and produce 227HP with the stock TD04-16G turbo! The engine can handle 300HP without significant engine upgrades by just upgrading the turbos and going to your local tuner. Many Subaru enthusiast that have the EJ20 Engine have reported the Subaru’s VF34 turbo provides the best power to value ratio when […]