Nissan Skyline v35

You may know of the legendary Nissan skyline GTR, but do you know about the skyline v35? 2002 was the last year of the r34 skyline with an acclaimed Inline 6 twin turbo called the RB26DETT, and produced 276bhp from factory and with some modifications it can easily make upwards of 500bhp.

in late 2002 Nissan released the v35 skyline in japan that came equipped with 3.5 Liter v6 called the VQ35DE making 260hp from the factory. Nissan decided to release the V35 in North America under the companies luxury brand Infiniti As the g35. in 2008 all g35 and v35 got a face lift with a new 3.7 liter v6 called the VQ37HR. The new motor came with some upgrades which added variable valve timing (called N-VCT) on both intake and exhaust valves where the vq35de only had N-VCT on the intake valve. Other differences are the added displacement, duel intakes and throttle bodies. This motor produce 310bhp from the factory.