Are Subaru’s Good For Off Road?

Subaru strictly on produces AWD cars with the exception of BRZ. This makes most of Subaru’s work exceptionally well off road, weather you are doing light off-roading or going over choppy terrain. Subaru’s are reliable and built tough to handle tough trails. Some Subaru models like the Forester are built to have more ground clearance coming with suspension that sits 2in higher than other Subaru models. In 2022 Subaru released a wilderness trim package for the Forester, it came equipped an FB25 making 186hp and an automatics transmission making it perfect for off road adventures.

2022 Forester Wilderness

If you want to do more complex off roading than a factory car can handle. Most people will buy and older generation forester xt or a wrx and will lift it by add strut tower and subframe spacers to get an extra 2in from the top of the wheel well to ground allowing to mount a larger tire and still keep full suspension travel. On top people put longer struts allowing for more ground clearance. Finally your gonna want get skid plates to protect your motor, transmission, and rear differential from all the rocks and object that can impale important components of the car.